Monday, June 25, 2012

I Ungraciously Accept this Honor

I won a bloggy award!

It's the result of tireless deliberation by a distinguished panel of one who was bestowed this same award and has to now pass it on to 15 others.  I'm among the 15 other bloggers that she considers "very inspiring."  So, I'm super flattered.

Wow, if you read that a certain way, it sounds really bitchy.  I was trying to strike a more gracious modesty and tone here, but I suck at getting compliments.  If you minimize the compliment you're ungrateful, but if you say, "Wow, I'm really honored that you think so highly of me" you sound like an ass.  Maybe I should just say "Thanks."  Took me 37 years to figure that one out.

OK. Enough musings.

Erin at Common Threads (who has one of the most thoughtful and beautiful written blogs around) has passed me the baton, and I will not shirk my duties as per my usual pattern.  So, the deal with this bloggy chain letter award, is to:

--  Expose 7 things about yourself (I've already done "can't take compliments graciously," so I'm down to 6!)

--  Pass it on to 15 others (as already explained)

So, here we go:

7 6 Secrets Revealed

(1) I cheat. At card games and the like. I started doing it just to be funny and kind of mock everyone else's seriousness, but there's probably an element of sore loser in there. Now, it's just my schtick and I can't get anyone to take me seriously or deal me in.   

(2)  I'm a triplet.  But from way back when being a triplet was something special, not like today where it's so trendy that only the Gosselin progeny and Octochildren get any the attention. Back when we were coming up, the local paper would periodically (on slow news days) cover our birthday, ala "Local Triplets Turn 4," and my mom struggled to find workable strollers. 

(3) I have an unexplained fear of the crevice of my elbow, or "crelbow."  (Don't look it up, just trust me it's a word.) I can't touch or look at mine -- or yours -- without getting all eebie jeeby-y.  I absolutely refuse to get blood drawn there, even if it means the nurse has to jab that rolly vein in my wrist 5-6 times.  

(4) I suffer from the "Grass is Always Greener Syndrome" or GAGS.  Again, don't look this up.  The DSM, as usual, is way behind on this, but I'm sure the next addition will have it in there. Basically, I'm pretty sure I'd rather have whatever life path you've chosen for yourself. 

Water engineer?  Now that's something useful to the world! Doctor?  Compassionate and useful. Teacher?  The most noble profession of all.  Crossing guard?   Lucky bastard gets all that fresh air.  Prisoner?  Wow, what a gritty and real existence.  I mean, talk about blog fodder!  You get the idea.....    

(5) I periodically make myself sick binge eating sugary treats, like jelly beans and candy corn.  

(6) I have the attention span of a hyperactive toddler and about as much patience.  E.g. I have never read the instructions to a board or party game.  If there's no one there to explain the rules to me I'll just make them up and we'll go from there.*  So, I end up skimming most blogs posts.  

But there are some (those below) that I never skim; that I become engrossed in and sometimes read twice.  These bloggers always have something insightful to say and an often humorous or sometimes touching way to say it. I'm just going to go ahead and put my Mama Mzungu guarantee on each one, so you should check them out.  (Even though I just painted myself as an ungracious, impatient, neurotic, sugar-eating cheat, I have really good judgement and you should totally trust me.)

[Some of you may have already received this award since it's going around our corner of the Interweb.  If so, stick this feather next to the others in your hat.]

* And I lost patience for correcting this weird highlighty thing blogger has plagued me with after about 3 failed attempts to correct it, so sorry if it's hard to read!


  1. I, too, have severe GAGS. I want to be an Expat! :)

    Thanks for picking me! :) I'm honored.

  2. Wow! Thank you! We have stuck this feather in our cap and without sounding gushy or like dorks who want the cool girl to like them, you are on our list of 15 too.
    So you cheat at cards and have crelbow phobia? That's like a double rainbow, right? But seriously, is it cool to be a triplet says the only child?

    1. I think it's pretty cool to be a triplet - I guess if you want to hear "Your poor mother" for the rest of your life. ;) Seriously, it was pretty great growing up always having friends to play with and we're all still really close.

  3. Thanks for picking me! Sadly, I likely will shirk my bloggy duties and break the chain since I'm getting ready to go on vacation and will be largely off the grid for the next couple of weeks. But I'm very flattered to be considered an "inspiring" blogger! :)

    1. Enjoy your "off the grid" time! I need to do that too...

  4. Thank you! I tried to comment earlier but the comment box was missing. I think it's because we have a slow connection - you probably have a faster connection than we do. ;-)

  5. Who knew? Congrats! Love, MOM

  6. By the way - triplets! You probably don't think it's nearly as cool as I do.

  7. I have now broken two chains, thanks to my negligent blogging, but thank you for thinking of me! I apparently picked the worst week to have nightly meltdowns and hide in bed.

    I love that you were a triplet before being a triplet was "ho-hum"...Also, I, too, suffer from GAGS. We need a support group, although I bet the other support group is better. ;)

  8. Hahahaha! Definitely, a GAGS support group might fail before it began.

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