Sunday, April 22, 2012

Caleb cracks me up. The end.

My son 3 year old son Caleb is hilarious.

Both inadvertently and vertently.

Seriously, he does and says the most adorably funny things leaving a trail of people doubled over with laughter at his antics, wiping tears from their eyes at the unexpected hilarity he brings to their lives. Well, if not a “trail of people” at least his mom and dad.
Here's how it goes:
All his little friends play the straight-man to his clown. When they come over, they stand politely at the door as he, upon seeing he has a visitor, starts giggling uncontrollably, skipping around the room and singing. He’s either a physical comedy prodigy or an idiot. (You see, that’s funny because you’re not supposed to call your kid an idiot. He just might get his sense of humor from me.)

He does things that are funny because they are too “adult,”like complimenting me on my driving, like asking me in the morning, “So mom, what’s your plan for the day?”, like exclaiming “Oh Frick” when he can’t find something or shouting “Kiimmm, I need you to get my juice!” or (my favorite) sighing audibly in exasperation when we don’t understand him, finishing with an annoyed“Nevermind guys.”

He’s also got the whole toddler humor genre down cold. He would totally kill at Sesame Street open mike comedy hour.

Me: “Caleb would you pick up your toys?”

Caleb: “What you say Mama tooly tooly lala poondy poopy?”followed by Caleb collapsing to the floor in hysterics at his own cleverness.

Or knowingly getting a simple question wrong (ala “Caleb what color is the school bus?” “Ummm….. Red!”)and then maniacally laughing and the utter craziness of the whole thing. I mean calling yellow red? Hysterical!

But then there are things that are funny because of how he says them. Which I can’t quite capture in words, but you can totally trust me on this because I’m completely objective on the matter. He's a little white boy with an unexpected Kenyan accent and then layered on top of this is an exaggerated earnestness and the most cartoonish facial expressions. It’s winning.

I know, I know, everyone thinks their kid is terrific and toddlers are generally pretty funny as a demographic. (They kind of have to be or we’d leave their whinny, tantruming behinds at a bus stop). So, either Caleb has a future in comedy or I’m a typically delusional mother. I’ll let you decide with this photo montage of the comic genius at work:

A budding Jim Carry, right?


  1. So good, Kim. Love the photo booth finish.

  2. You know, an early, well-developed sense of humor is a sign of brilliance. I'm pretty sure your Caleb and my W are geniuses!! :-)

  3. Toddlers are great, aren't they? (Unless they're being awful, of course, but let's not think about that.) My three-year-old was on the phone with her grandma this morning and she kept saying "No, I promise, birds usually hate people. Look it up." She was so wide-eyed and matter-of-fact about it, too; it totally cracked me up.

    Judging from those pictures though, I'd say your little guy's a comic genius. No doubt. :-)

    1. Bwahahaha!! I love that she said birds *ususally* hate people. Caleb does that too, as in "I ususally like to fly on planes." I wonder what they think usually means...

  4. Know something? Caleb sounds terrific! Just reading this post has me sensing a lovable, kind human-being-in-training. You should be proud!

    My newly turned 4 year old Grandson was in NY for a visit last year and I took the opportunity to grab a favorite story book and snuggle with him for some quality reading time. Sure I did.

    Jaden turned to me and said, "Not now, Gramma, I'm busy".

    Trust me, I will get him back on the next visit in July.

  5. So Kimmie - do you remember when Caleb first started to laugh or got the joke in the Sandra Boynton book before he was a year old? Remember I told you he would have a good sense of humor? Remember also how I always tell you they give you clues to their personalities early - we are too distracted to pay attention.



  6. He's chock-full of personality, I can just tell by the photos! (-: