Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Update: Playtime for Little C!

Just to allay the concerns of those of you who may be overburdened by pity for poor little lonely Caleb:  We went back to Busia for work yesterday and Caleb was greeted by about a dozen little friends coming from all directions.
Not the most in-focus shot and Caleb is sporting some serious heat-ravaged nutty professor curls, but you get the idea...

Can't you just feel the love?

Caleb sharing his toys

The poor little guy played so hard all day, despite an intestinal bug, that he spent a good part of the night throwing up. Can this kid not get a break?  It exhausted us all and I'm nursing a stomach bug too, but it's amazing the mommy adrenaline (is that a thing?) you get when your little one is suffering. 

Oh, and we were also treated to thumpy club music blasting out speakers until 4 AM as part of a fund-raising effort (common here in Busia).   Was I just lamenting the boredom of quiet Kisumu? 

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