Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happier moments

Since I’ve inflicted the saddest moment of a very happy trip on you, it’s only fair that I share the happier moments from what is becoming an annual trip to see Babu (grandpa in Swahili) in South Africa. 

Despite the Christ in Colin’s last name, neither of us are actually Christian.  (We’re Jew-hais – Baha’i and Jewish blended family).  Nonetheless, we ate our faces off at a deliciously unkosher Christmas dinner served up by the loveliest people in the Southern hemisphere. 

We took beautiful long hikes in an area of South Africa that is more Ireland-meets-the-Amazon than anything you’d link to Africa.

But the wildlife reminded us where we were.
We met this fellow at the beginning of our hike

Caleb watched way too many cartoons.  But since we don’t have a TV at home, we let him watch until his eyes glazed over and he morphed into a mini holiday couch potato.  Or couch latke.  Whatever.
In a rare moment when he is not slumped in the couch ala Al Bundy

We (well some of us) indulged in way too much of what I’m told is great coffee. I think Colin has a coffee addition problem.  He thinks I have a “being too judgey” problem.  I think we can agree we’re both right.

We failed at completely “turning off” the technology.  Some of us. ; )

The bad reception on our hike thwarted most of this kind of behavior

But best of all, we spent 10 days unencumbered by work or household responsibilities enjoying the company of the love of our lives and watched him find the new love of his life (Kimberleigh). 

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