Sunday, December 4, 2011

Asking for trouble?

I have taken a long hiatus from this blog because I keep getting in trouble. I wrote - what I thought - was a pretty even handed critique of a development project in the neighbohood, but as the Country Director's wife, I quickly learned criticizing a possible partner publicly was a bonehead move, no matter how convincing my arguments. I had to take the post down and make my blog private.  

Then I wrote, on another satirical blog - Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like - what I thought was a funny piece about the zeal among expats to claim enthusiasm for tasteless local staples in order to demonstrate their "insider field cred" to fellow expats.  Struck a cord with many, but was read (mis-read?) by some Kenyans who took great offense at my calling ugali tasteless.

Taking some amount of pride in my global-mindedness, it hurt me to the core to be accused of cultural insensitivity.  (But, then again, come on, pasta and rice are tasteless too. That's why everyone adds sauce to these things! So, I figured ugali was fair ground.)  Yet, again, the damange control team was deployed and my offensive post was removed.

So, is this the universe telling me to just keep my inane observations to myself.  But what's the risk or fun in that?  I'm pretty much keeping them to myself anyway given the two to three people who even read this.  Hi mom!

But I do miss writing, and there's plenty of blog fodder to choose from living and clumsily navigating another culture. Plus, I'm trying to be a better keeper-in-toucher, especially with a new baby on the way  So, I'm resurrecting this site.


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