Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gift's graduation

We had a very full weekend last weekend starting with attending our neighbor Gift's graduation from Standard 5 (5th grade).  Gift is Caleb's closest friend and biggest fan.  She's like a big sister to him. So, we were thrilled to attend her graduation and Caleb, as usual, was a big hit.  When we walked in with Gift's mom, the school Director who was also acting as an MC said something about how wonderful the day was and how great it was to have people here from "all over the world." I waved to the audience in response. ; )

I imagine the children prepared for this ceremony for weeks and there were events spanning poetry recitations, dance performances, speeches and - yes - a fashion show.  In typical African style, the ceremony was scheduled to start at 10 AM, but by 11:30 had not yet begun.  The guest of honor, a Ministry of Education Official, arrived a few hours late and so the Director had the students repeat several of the performances for him.  We left before the whole thing was over at 2 PM because Caleb was pooped. 

But other than being simply long, it was actually a wonderful day.  The dances were great fun and the poems were sweet and it was nice to be among families celebrating their children.  Here are some pictures:

Caleb and Gift with her classmates

Gift's dance performance

The guest of honor arrives

Gift on the "catwalk"

Tiny graduates


  1. What a lively pictures from Gift's 5th grad. I enjoyed reading the whole story of graduation and so happy to see your love for your neighbour's daughter.

  2. Very helpful advice in this particular post! It’s the little changes that make the largest changes. Thanks for sharing!